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Subject: [OMPI devel] OMPI-MIGRATE error
From: Hugo Meyer (meyer.hugo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-01-24 11:37:33

Hello @ll

I've got a problem when i try to use the ompi-migrate command.

What i'm doing is execute for example the next application in one node of a
cluster (both process wil run on the same node):

*mpirun -np 2 -am ft-enable-cr ./whoami 10 10*

Then in the same node i try to migrate the processes to another node:

*ompi-migrate -x node9 -t node3 14914*
And then i get this message:

*[clus9:15620] *** Process received signal ****
*[clus9:15620] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)*
*[clus9:15620] Signal code: Address not mapped (1)*
*[clus9:15620] Failing at address: (nil)*
*[clus9:15620] [ 0] /lib64/ [0x2aaaac0b8d40]*
*[clus9:15620] *** End of error message ****
*Segmentation fault*
I assume that maybe there is something wrong with the thread level, but i
have configured the open-mpi like this:

*../configure --prefix=/home/hmeyer/desarrollo/ompi-code/binarios/
--enable-debug --enable-debug-symbols --enable-trace --with-ft=cr
--disable-ipv6 --enable-opal-multi-threads --enable-ft-thread
--without-hwloc --disable-vt --with-blcr=/soft/blcr-0.8.2/
The checkpoint and restart works fine, but when i restore an application
that has more than one process, this one is restored and executed until the
last line before MPI_FINALIZE(), but the processes never finalize, i assume
that they never call the MPI_FINALIZE(), but with one process
ompi-checkpoint and ompi-restart work great.

Best regards.

Hugo Meyer