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Subject: [OMPI devel] improvements
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-08-16 10:55:38

I just wanted to give the community a heads up that Ralph, Brian, and I are revamping autogen in a Mercurial branch. I don't know the exact timeline to completion, but it won't be *too* far in the future.

We made some core changes, and then made some other changes that necessitated minor edits to many component's and configure.m4's. So the overall commit will look *much* bigger than it really is. But it's all good stuff. :-)

Here's a list of the intended high-level changes:

1. "" is now "" (i.e., autogen is now in perl, not Bourne)
 --> We can put a sym link in SVN so that the old name still works, if it's important to people
2. the project/framework/component discovery is quite a bit faster
3. the perl code is a LOT easier to maintain (and add features to)
4. defaults to --no-ompi if ompi/ is not present (which is good for OPAL+ORTE tarballs)
5. ompi_mca.m4 has been cleaned up a bit, allowing to be a little dumber than
6. vprotocol components now live in ompi/mca/vprotocol (instead of ompi/mca/pml/v/mca/vprotocol)
7. a few more "OMPI" name cleanups (e.g., s/ompi/mca/gi and s/ompi/opal/gi where relevant)

New features:
1. configure.params won't be necessary for components that have no configure.m4 and only have a single
2. configure.params won't be necessary for components that call AC_CONFIG_FILES themselves in their configure.m4 file
3. added --enable-mca-only-build=<LIST> option (opposite of --enable-mca-no-build)
4. accepts --platform=<filename> argument, just like configure

Dropped features:
1. component configure.stub files are no longer supported
2. component compile-time priorities are no longer supported (or necessary)
3. SVK is no longer supported
4. it is not possible to run from a component directory

Jeff Squyres
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