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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] v1.5: thumbs up or down?
From: Kevin.Buckley_at_[hidden]
Date: 2010-07-04 23:17:07

> Can we get a thumbs up / down from each organization about where you
> think we are with v1.5? Cisco and HLRS obviously give a thumbs up.

I can't claim to speak for NetBSD but, for info, I have just managed
to COMPILE 1.5rc3 on a NetBSD platform.


1) The patch NetBSD was applying to opal/util/if.c

  Rewrite network interface configuration using getifaddrs(3) for BSD,

is no longer needed, so that's obviously now in the OpenMPI source.

2) A couple of other NetBSD patches needed altering but mostly for
   line numbers with an extra couple of changes where OpenMPI has
   changed a define from




3) I also had to disable the Vampire Trace toolkit build


but then I had to do that for OpenMPI 1.4.2.

4) The other thing that comes to mind are the mountain of WARNINGs
because of the "redefinition" of

#define CACHE_LINE_SIZE 128



although it's a bit "chicken and egg" because NetBSD's definition,


obviously allows one to redefine it, vis:

#define CACHE_LINE_SIZE 64

so that's probably not an issue but at least you know about it.

That OpenMPI #define should probably be wrapped in an #ifndef
to defeat the warnings but, as to which should be defined first,
by virtue of the order the order of the include files ... ?

I'll try actually installing and running the thing when I get
a chance but thought you might appreciate some "progress feedback"
from a NetBSD platform trail.

Kevin M. Buckley                                  Room:  CO327
School of Engineering and                         Phone: +64 4 463 5971
 Computer Science
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand