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Subject: [OMPI devel] RFC: Remove all other paffinity components
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-13 20:20:46

WHAT: Remove all non-hwloc paffinity components.

WHY: The hwloc component supports all those systems.

WHERE: opal/mca/paffinity/[^hwloc|base] directories

WHEN: for 1.5.1

TIMEOUT: Tuesday call, May 25 (yes, about 2 weeks from now -- let hwloc soak for a while...)



As you probably noticed, I have (finally) committed the "hwloc" paffinity component to the trunk and removed the "linux" (i.e., PLPA) paffinity component:

hwloc supports all systems that OMPI supports (and several that OMPI doesn't!) -- more specifically, it supports all the other systems that we have paffinity components for (darwin, linux, posix, solaris, windows). It can therefore fully replace all the other paffinity components.

Indeed, the new hwloc's default priority is higher than all of the other current paffinity components, so over the next week or two, it'll be a good soak test to see if it is working properly. Once we get any kinks worked out, I propose removing all the other paffinity components and leaving only hwloc.

That being said, we might as well leave the paffinity framework around, even if it only has one component left, simply on the argument that someday Open MPI may support a platform that hwloc does not.

Jeff Squyres
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