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Subject: [OMPI devel] Location of binaries
From: herbey zepeda (zepedaherbey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-03-22 10:42:59


In open MPI, where are the binaries stored.
Let's say I have a program P that adds the numbers in an array of length 10
I want to distribute the execution between 2 computers A and B
A adds from array[0] to array[4]
B adds from array[5] to array[9]

I understand that I have to tell mpi that machines A and B exist and that I
want the processes to be exected as required.

No problem with this, my confusion is in the implementation.

lets say I am running the adding program P from machine C.

When I execute the P program, how do computers A and B know what binary to
execute? My binaries are in copmuter C!

Does MPI copy the binaries to machines A and B from C? and then executes the

How is the program P loaded to memory in A and B, is P stored on disk in A
and B?

Do I have to copy the P binaries in A and B prior to executing the program?

When the program P has finished execution , what happens to the binaries.

I have not found anything on the web to answer my question

Thank you