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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] RFC: Rename ompi/include/mpi_portable_platform.h
From: Rainer Keller (keller_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-11 18:45:05

Hi Ralph,
hmm, I don't really care about the name itselve.
As Jeff mentioned, we'd have a "abstraction break" either way.

The question I have, why does orte_info need to include the information, which
compiler it was compiled with ;-)?

We basically only care to warn users about a typical MPI-user compilation
mismatch (C gcc+ Fortran pgf77).

So, I would rather keep it as is...


On Thursday 11 February 2010 12:33:28 pm Ralph Castain wrote:
> WHAT: Rename ompi/include/mpi_portable_platform.h to be
> opal/include/opal_portable_platform.h
> WHY: The file includes definitions and macros that identify the compiler
> used to build the system, etc. The contents actually have nothing specific
> to do with MPI.
> WHEN: Weekend of Feb 20th
> I'm trying to rationalize the ompi_info system so that people who build
> different layers can still get a report of the MCA params, build
> configuration, etc. for the layers they build. Thus, there would be an
> "orte_info" and "opal_info" capability. Each would report not only the
> info for their own layer, but the layer(s) below. So ompi_info remains
> unchanged, orte_info reports ORTE and OPAL info, etc.
> The problem I encountered is that the referenced file is required for the
> various "info" tools, but it exists in the MPI layer. Since the file is
> only accessed at build time, I can go ahead and reference it from within
> "orte_info" and "opal_info", but it does somewhat break the abstraction
> barrier to do so.
> Given that the info in the file has nothing to do with MPI itself, it
> seemed reasonable to move it to opal...barring arguments to the contrary.
> Ralph
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