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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-01-28 20:53:40

WHAT: Rename --enable-mpi-threads and ENABLE_MPI_THREADS to --enable-thread-safety and ENABLE_THREAD_SAFETY, respectively (--enable-mpi-threads will be maintained as a synonym to --enable-thread-safety for backwards compat, of course).

WHY: Other projects are starting to use ORTE and OPAL without OMPI. The fact that thread safety in OPAL and ORTE requires a configure switch with "mpi" in the name is very non-intuitive.

WHERE: A bunch of places in the code; see attached patch.

WHEN: Next Friday COB

TIMEOUT: COB, Friday, Feb 5, 2010


More details:

Cisco is starting to investigate using ORTE and OPAL in various threading scenarios -- without the OMPI layer. The fact that you need to enable thread safety in ORTE/OPAL with a configure switch that has the word "mpi" in it is extremely counter-intuitive (it bit some of our engineers very badly, and they were mighty annoyed!!).

Since this functionality actually has nothing to do with MPI (it's actually the other way around -- MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE needs this functionality), we really should rename this switch and the corresponding AC_DEFINE -- I suggest:


Of course, we need to keep the configure switch "--enable|disable-mpi-threads" for backwards compatibility, so that can be a synonym to --enable-thread-safety.

See the attached patch (the biggest change is in opal/config/opal_config_threads.m4). If there are no objections, I'll commit this next Friday COB.

Jeff Squyres