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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Automatic CMRs for ompi-v1.4 / v1.5
From: Ralph Castain (rhc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-11 10:42:07

Great - thanks guys!!!

On Dec 10, 2009, at 6:55 AM, Rainer Keller wrote:

> Hello all,
> Indiana University has created more SVN goodness for us: CMRs can be created
> and/or amended via magic strings in SVN commit messages.
> This will help save a lot of time by:
> 1.) not manually having to create CMRs
> 2.) allow the original developer decide what is required
> 3.) not require the RMs to "nag" people, asking whether rXXX is worthwhile,
> 4.) etc....
> If You want to create a CMR to patch from the trunk to one of the branches,
> add the following text somewhere into your SVN commit message.
> Valid MILESTONE values include "v1.4", "v1.4.1", ..., "v1.5", "v1.5.1",
> ...etc. (note that there must be a corresponding Trac milestone). For
> example, to close ticket #42 and create a CMR for v1.5:
> svn ci -m "This fixes #42 and should cmr:v1.5 to the branch as well"
> If you need to amend an existing CMR, use the ":CMR-TICKET" notation to
> specify which existing Trac ticket to amend. For example (assuming the prior
> commit created a v1.5 CMR #4711):
> svn ci -m "This really fixes #42, and should be added to cmr:v1.5#4711"
> You can also create multiple CMRs from a single commit:
> svn ci -m "Big Important fix. Needs to go to both cmr:v1.4 and cmr:v1.5"
> As you know the v1.5 series will be feature driven, therefore you may create a
> CMR for a feature to enter at a later milestone (e.g., v1.5.2) and later refer
> to the very same CMR to move over when it is ready to be included (as long as
> a corresponding Trac milestone exists for it).
> *PLEASE NOTE* If the cmr:-parsing script is unable to understand your SVN
> commit message (e.g., you get the syntax wrong, you specify a milestone that
> doesn't exist, you try to amend a ticket that is not a matching CMR, etc.),
> the commit will abort *WITHOUT WRITING TO THE SVN REPOSITORY* and show you a
> brief error message indicating what you did wrong. You can just fix what you
> did wrong and then re-commit.
> With best regards,
> Jeff and Rainer
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