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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] [OMPI users] cartofile
From: Eugene Loh (Eugene.Loh_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-10-12 13:13:30

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There wasn't much response, so let me ask another question.  How about if we remove the cartofile section from the DESCRIPTION section of the OMPI mpirun man page?  It's a lot of text that illustrates how to create a cartofile without saying anything about why one would want to go to the trouble.  What does this impact?  What does it change?  What's the motivation for doing this stuff?  What's this stuff good for?

Another alternative could be to move the cartofile description to a FAQ page.

The mpirun man page is rather long and I was thinking that if we could remove some "low impact" stuff out, we could improve the overall signal-to-noise ratio of the page.

In any case, I personally would like to know what cartofiles are good for.

Eugene Loh wrote:
Thank you, but I don't understand who is consuming this information for what.  E.g., the mpirun man page describes the carto file, but doesn't give users any indication whether they should be worrying about this.

Lenny Verkhovsky wrote:
Hi Eugene,
carto file is a file with a staic graph topology of your node.
in the opal/mca/carto/file/carto_file.h you can see example.
( yes I know that , it should be help/man list :) )
Basically it describes a map of your node and inside interconnection.
Hopefully it will be discovered automatically someday,
but for now you can describe your node manually.
Best regards 

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 12:38 AM, Eugene Loh <> wrote:
I feel like I should know, but what's a cartofile?  I guess you supply "topological" information about a host, but I can't tell how this information is used by, say, mpirun.