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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] trac #2034 : single rail openib btl shows better bandwidth than dual rail (12k< x < 128k)
From: Don Kerr (Don.Kerr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-10-08 11:01:22

On 10/07/09 13:52, George Bosilca wrote:
> Don,
> The problem is that a particular BTL doesn't have the knowledge about
> the other selected BTL, so allowing the BTLs to set this limit is not
> as easy as it sound. However, in the case two identical BTLs are
> selected and that they are the only ones, this clearly is a better
> approach.
> If this parameter is set at the PML level, I can't imagine how we
> figure out the correct value depending on the BTLs.
> I see this as a pretty strong restriction. How do we know we set a
> value that make sense?
OK, I now see why setting at btl level is difficult. And for the case of
multiple btls which are also different component types, however unlikely
that is, a pml setting will not be optimal for both.


> george.
> On Oct 7, 2009, at 10:19 , Don Kerr wrote:
>> George,
>> Were you suggesting that the proposed new parameter
>> "max_rdma_single_rget" be set by the individual btls similar to
>> "btl_eager_limit"? Seems to me to that is the better approach if I
>> am to move forward with this.
>> -DON
>> On 10/06/09 11:14, Don Kerr wrote:
>>> I agree there is probably a larger issue here and yes this is
>>> somewhat specific but where as OB1 appears to have multiple
>>> protocols depending on the capabilities of the BTLs I would not
>>> characterize as an IB centric problem. Maybe OB1 RDMA problem. There
>>> is a clear benefit from modifying this specific case. Do you think
>>> its not worth making incremental improvements while also attacking a
>>> potential bigger issue?
>>> -DON
>>> On 10/06/09 10:52, George Bosilca wrote:
>>>> Don,
>>>> This seems a very IB centric problem (and solution) going up in the
>>>> PML. Moreover, I noticed that independent on the BTL we have some
>>>> problems with the multi-rail performance. As an example on a
>>>> cluster with 3 GB cards we get the same performance is I enable 2
>>>> or 3. Didn't had time to look into the details, but this might be a
>>>> more general problem.
>>>> george.
>>>> On Oct 6, 2009, at 09:51 , Don Kerr wrote:
>>>>> I intend to make the change suggested in this ticket to the
>>>>> trunk. The change does not impact single rail, tested with openib
>>>>> btl, case and does improve dual rail case. Since it does involve
>>>>> performance and I am adding a OB1 mca parameter just wanted to
>>>>> check if anyone was interested or had an issue with it before I
>>>>> committed the change.
>>>>> -DON
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