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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Heads up on new feature to 1.3.4
From: Chris Samuel (csamuel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-08-18 02:11:45

----- "Eugene Loh" <Eugene.Loh_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> Ah, you're missing the third secret safety switch that prevents
> hapless mortals from using this stuff accidentally! :^)

Sounds good to me. :-)
> I think you need to add
> --mca opal_paffinity_alone 1

Yup, looks like that's it; it fails to launch with that..

$ mpiexec --mca opal_paffinity_alone 1 -bysocket -bind-to-socket -mca odls_base_report_bindings 99 -mca odls_base_verbose 7 ./cpi-1.4
[] mca:base:select:( odls) Querying component [default]
[] mca:base:select:( odls) Query of component [default] set priority to 1
[] mca:base:select:( odls) Selected component [default]
[] [[33990,0],0] odls:launch: spawning child [[33990,1],0]
[] [[33990,0],0] odls:launch: spawning child [[33990,1],1]
[] [[33990,0],0] odls:default:fork binding child [[33990,1],0] to socket 0 cpus 000f
[] [[33990,0],0] odls:default:fork binding child [[33990,1],1] to socket 1 cpus 00f0
An attempt to set processor affinity has failed - please check to
ensure that your system supports such functionality. If so, then
this is probably something that should be reported to the OMPI developers.
mpiexec was unable to start the specified application as it encountered an error
on node More information may be available above.
4 total processes failed to start

This is most likely because it's getting an error from the
kernel when trying to bind to a socket it's not permitted
to access.


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