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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Heads up on new feature to 1.3.4
From: Chris Samuel (csamuel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-08-18 00:23:23

----- "Ralph Castain" <rhc_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> Hi Chris


> The devel trunk has all of this in it - you can get that tarball from
> the OMPI web site (take the nightly snapshot).

OK, grabbed that (1.4a1r21825). Configured with:

./configure --prefix=$FOO --with-openib --with-tm=/usr/
local/torque/latest --enable-static --enable-shared

It built & installed OK, but when running a trivial example
with it I don't see evidence for that code getting called.
Perhaps I'm not passing the correct options ?

$ mpiexec -bysocket -bind-to-socket -mca odls_base_report_bindings 99 -mca odls_base_verbose 7 ./cpi-1.4
[] mca:base:select:( odls) Querying component [default]
[] mca:base:select:( odls) Query of component [default] set priority to 1
[] mca:base:select:( odls) Selected component [default]
[] [[36578,0],0] odls:launch: spawning child [[36578,1],0]
[] [[36578,0],0] odls:launch: spawning child [[36578,1],1]
[] [[36578,0],0] odls:launch: spawning child [[36578,1],2]
[] [[36578,0],0] odls:launch: spawning child [[36578,1],3]
Process 0 on
Process 1 on
Process 2 on
Process 3 on
^Cmpiexec: killing job...

Increasing odls_base_verbose only seems to add the environment being
passed to the child processes. :-(

I'm pretty sure I've got the right code as ompi_info -a
reports the debug setting from the patch:

MCA odls: parameter "odls_base_report_bindings" (current value: <0>, data source: default value)

> I plan to work on cpuset support beginning Tues morning.

Great, anything I can help with then please let me know,
I'll be back from leave by then.

All the best,

Christopher Samuel - (03) 9925 4751 - Systems Manager
 The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
 P.O. Box 201, Carlton South, VIC 3053, Australia
VPAC is a not-for-profit Registered Research Agency