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Subject: [OMPI devel] complete newbie question regarding --enable-mpi-profile option
From: Leo P. (leo_7892003_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-06-14 13:36:34

Hi Everyone, I have been trying to enabling profiling of openMPI code. Earlier i also saw a thread [] which talks about using --enable-mpi-profile option in configure which i have done. But i have not been able to get hold of profiling data. I tried installing vampir from but i am not been able to install. So i wanted to know how people are profiling the core openMPI code. I am a complete newbie and would appreciate any information. Also i was wondering whether gdb could be used with openMPI. I know about -d option in mpirun but i need to use gdb if its possible. I think i have done all the necessary things to enable profiling and debuging but i am missing something here. Currentl y i am configuring openMPI using following param ./configure -enable-debug --with-devel-headers --enable-trace --enable-mpi-profile --enable-mem-debug Leo P. Own a website.Get an unlimited package.Pay next to nothing.*Go to