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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Infinite Loop: ompi_free_list_wait
From: Timothy Hayes (hayesti_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-03-26 11:22:29

It it was just a few kinks actually. I think the the bitmap type moved from
orte to opal, then I think the opal_hash_table functions changed slightly
and also I think the modex stuff was called something like pml_modex where
it's now ompi_modex. There were a few extra functions in the module
descriptor which I set to NULL, also the alloc/prepapre_src/dst functions
took some extra arguements. Finally the mca_btl_base_descriptor_t changed
slightly, it took an order variable.

I think that's it. In any case, it didn't take long at all to convert my
component. The problem *seems* to have gone away now, which is fantastic,
although now it's revealed something wrong in my own code so I'm back to
debugging in any case.

Thanks very much for all the advice.


2009/3/26 Lenny Verkhovsky <lenny.verkhovsky_at_[hidden]>

> What is the error that you are getting from compilation failure?
> Lenny.
> On 3/23/09, Timothy Hayes <hayesti_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> That's a relief to know, although I'm still a bit concerned. I'm looking
>> at the code for the OpenMPI 1.3 trunk and in the ob1 component I can see the
>> following sequence:
>> mca_pml_ob1_recv_frag_callback_match -> append_frag_to_list ->
>> MCA_PML_OB1_RECV_FRAG_ALLOC -> OMPI_FREE_LIST_WAIT -> __ompi_free_list_wait
>> so I'm guessing unless the deadlock issue has been resolved for that
>> function, it will still fail non deterministically. I'm quite eager to give
>> it a try, but my component doesn't compile as is with the 1.3 source. Is it
>> trivial to convert it?
>> Or maybe you were suggesting that I go into the code of ob1 myself and
>> manually change every _wait to _get?
>> Kind regards
>> Tim
>> 2009/3/23 George Bosilca <bosilca_at_[hidden]>
>>> It is a known problem. When the freelist is empty going in the
>>> ompi_free_list_wait will block the process until at least one fragment
>>> became available. As a fragment can became available only when returned by
>>> the BTL, this can lead to deadlocks in some cases. The workaround is to ban
>>> the usage of the blocking _wait function, and replace it with the
>>> non-blocking version _get. The PML has all the required logic to deal with
>>> the cases where a fragment cannot be allocated. We changed most of the BTLs
>>> to use _get instead of _wait few months ago.
>>> Thanks,
>>> george.
>>> On Mar 23, 2009, at 11:58 , Timothy Hayes wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>> I'm working on an OpenMPI BTL component and am having a recurring
>>>> problem, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it. I have a
>>>> component that's quite straight forward, it uses a pair of lightweight
>>>> sockets to take advantage of being in a virtualised environment
>>>> (specifically Xen). My code is a bit messy and has lots of inefficiencies,
>>>> but the logic seems sound enough. I've been able to execute a few simple
>>>> programs successfully using the component, and they work most of the time.
>>>> The problem I'm having is actually happening in higher layers,
>>>> specifically in my asynchronous receive handler, when I call the callback
>>>> function (cbfunc) that was set by the PML in the BTL initialisation phase.
>>>> It seems to be getting stuck in an infinite loop at __ompi_free_list_wait(),
>>>> in this function there is a condition variable which should get set
>>>> eventually but just doesn't. I've stepped through it with GDB and I get a
>>>> backtrace of something like this:
>>>> mca_btl_xen_endpoint_recv_handler -> mca_btl_xen_endpoint_start_recv ->
>>>> mca_pml_ob1_recv_frag_callback -> mca_pml_ob1_recv_frag_match ->
>>>> __ompi_free_list_wait -> opal_condition_wait
>>>> and from there it just loops. Although this is happening in higher
>>>> levels, I haven't noticed something like this happening in any of the other
>>>> BTL components so chances are there's something in my code that's causing
>>>> this. I very much doubt that it's actually waiting for a list item to be
>>>> returned since this infinite loop can occur non deterministically and
>>>> sometimes even on the first receive callback.
>>>> I'm really not too sure what else to include with this e-mail. I could
>>>> send my source code (a bit nasty right now) if it would be helpful, but I'm
>>>> hoping that someone might have noticed this problem before or something
>>>> similar. Maybe I'm making a common mistake. Any advice would be really
>>>> appreciated!
>>>> I'm using OpenMPI 1.2.9 from the SVN tag repository.
>>>> Kind regards
>>>> Tim Hayes
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