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Subject: [OMPI devel] RFC: Final cleanup of included headers
From: Rainer Keller (keller_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-03-17 18:41:44

What: Delete unused headers (intrusive)

Why: Get rid of needlessly included headers

Where: On trunk -- but I am playing safe -- hence this RFC

When: Apply on trunk on 20.3. (in the evening before MTT tar ball, but
          not to disturb other people's work)

Timeout: Afternoon of 20.03.2009 (for comments or hold-off notice)

In the frame of the BTL-move work a libopen-net library is created, several
dependencies have been resolved.

Some still remain: we include headers all over the place, which is technically
not an error. However, it's not nice in order to resolve some problems and not
the Right Thing(tm).

We'd propose to apply the following script (with the diff file showing a
preliminary example of what's submitted modulo the stuff in ompi/mpi/c/*),
which then would only remove headers, which are _not_ needed (as figured by
below script), as said in today's telcon.
Todays patches at first _add_ some of the required headers, which later are
needed anyway (iff the deletion of headers in included-files is done).

As this deletion is _intrusive_ (touching ~800 files, mostly just single-
liners), I would like to get feedback and comments, whether it breaks anything
in any branches or has other negative effects in any branches of partners or
is considered to be overly intrusive / should be split...

With best regards,

Rainer Keller, PhD                  Tel: +1 (865) 241-6293
Oak Ridge National Lab          Fax: +1 (865) 241-4811
PO Box 2008 MS 6164           Email: keller_at_[hidden]
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-2008    AIM/Skype: rusraink