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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] RFC: make predefined handles extern to pointers
From: Terry Dontje (Terry.Dontje_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-01-30 14:02:43

After some more experiments I found my issue below wasn't due to the
definitions but due to how I was compiling my sources. So it turns out
that I get the same results from dbx when accessing an MPI_Comm type
whether using the original trunk source or using the struct padding.
Which makes sense because I did not change the type of MPI_Comm but the
actual type of the predefined. Which has no affects on the user
variable when the predefined (like MPI_COMM_WORLD) is used as an
initializer since in essence we're using the ompi_communicator_t type
portion to set the user variable (ie nothing really has changed).

So with this latest information, I am going to start coding the other
predefines with padding. I'll post the hg workspace before putting back
to the trunk.


Terry Dontje wrote:
> Per yesterday's concall I did some experiments with the padding
> changes and looking at MPI_Comm structures in dbx. I believe the
> concern from George Bosilca was that using the padding changes you
> wouldn't be able to print out the structures values.
> What I found with dbx and Sun Studio is that prior to call MPI_Init
> the ompi_communicator_t forward reference was unresolved so any
> attempt t print a communicator structure failed because the structure
> was undefined. However once MPI_Init was called the communicator
> structure printed out fine and exactly the same as the non-padded
> implementation.
> I believe non-padded implementation worked because there was extern
> struct ompi_communicator_t that was resolved to the library which I
> imagine pulled in the real structure definition. One could probably
> force the same for the padded implementation by defining dummy
> structures that can be externed in mpi.h. To me this seems gross
> however I wonder does it actually makes sense to print out an MPI
> communicator before MPI_Init is called? The values of the field
> should be either 0 or garbage. So I am really curious if the above is
> a problem anyways.
> --td
> Terry Dontje wrote:
>> Another update for this RFC. It turns out that using pointers
>> instead of structures as initializers would prevent someone from
>> initializing a global to one of the predefined handles. So instead,
>> we decided to go the route of padding the structures to provide us
>> with the ability to not overrun the bss section.
>> I would like to discuss any objections to this solution on tomorrow's
>> OMPI concall.
>> thanks,
>> --td
>> Terry Dontje wrote:
>>> Just wanted to give an update. On a workspace with just the
>>> predefined communicators converted to opaque pointers I've ran
>>> netpipe and hpcc performance tests and compared the results before
>>> and after the changes. The differences in performance with 10
>>> sample run was undetectable.
>>> I've also tested using comm_world that I can have an a.out compile
>>> and link with a non-debug version of the library and then run the
>>> a.out successfully with a debug version of the library. At a simple
>>> level this proves that the change actually does what we believe it
>>> should.
>>> I will be completing the rest of handles in the next couple days.
>>> Upon completion I will rerun the same tests above and test running
>>> hpcc with a debug and non-debug version of the library without
>>> recompiling.
>>> I believe I am on track to putting this back to the trunk by the end
>>> of next week. So if anyone has any issues with this please speak up.
>>> thanks,
>>> --td
>>> Graham, Richard L. wrote:
>>>> No specific test, just an idea how this might impact an app. I am
>>>> guessing it won't even be noticable.
>>>> Rich
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>>>> To: Open MPI Developers <devel_at_[hidden]>
>>>> Sent: Thu Dec 18 07:13:08 2008
>>>> Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] RFC: make predefined handles extern to
>>>> pointers
>>>> Richard Graham wrote:
>>>>> Terry,
>>>>> Is there any way you can quantify the cost ? This seems
>>>>> reasonable, but
>>>>> would be nice to get an idea what the performance cost is (and not
>>>>> within a
>>>>> tight loop where everything stays in cache).
>>>>> Rich
>>>> Ok, I guess that would eliminate any of the simple perf tests like
>>>> IMB, netperf, and such. So do you have something else in mind,
>>>> maybe HPCC?
>>>> --td
>>>>> On 12/16/08 10:41 AM, "Terry D. Dontje" <Terry.Dontje_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>>>>>> WHAT: To make predefined handles extern to pointers instead of an
>>>>>> address of an extern to a structure.
>>>>>> WHY: To make OMPI more backwards compatible in regards to
>>>>>> changes to
>>>>>> structures that define predefined handles.
>>>>>> WHERE: In the trunk. ompi/include/ and places in ompi that
>>>>>> directly use the predefined handles.
>>>>>> WHEN: 01/24/2009
>>>>>> TIMEOUT: 01/10/2009
>>>>>> ____________________
>>>>>> The point of this change is to improve the odds that an MPI
>>>>>> application
>>>>>> does not have to recompile when changes are made to the OMPI
>>>>>> library.
>>>>>> In this case specifically the predefined handles that use the
>>>>>> structures
>>>>>> for communicators, groups, ops, datatypes, error handlers, win,
>>>>>> file,
>>>>>> and info.
>>>>>> An example of the changes for the communicator predefined handles
>>>>>> can be
>>>>>> found in the hg tmp workspace at
>>>>>> ssh://
>>>>>> Note, the one downfall that Jeff and I could think of by doing
>>>>>> this is
>>>>>> you potentially add one level of indirection but I believe that
>>>>>> will be
>>>>>> a small overhead and if you use one of the predefined handles
>>>>>> repetitively (like in a loop) that the address will probably be
>>>>>> stored
>>>>>> in a register once and no additional over should be seen due to
>>>>>> this change.
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