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Subject: [OMPI devel] RFC: Adding OMPI_CHECK_WITHDIR checks
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-01-20 19:44:52

What: Adding OMPI_CHECK_WITHDIR checks in various .m4 files

Why: Help prevent user errors via --with-<foo>=DIR configure options

Where: config/*m4 and */mca/*/*/configure.m4 files, affecting the
following environments:
- bproc (***)
- gm (***)
- loadleveler (***)
- lsf
- mx (***)
- open fabrics
- portals (***)
- psm (***)
- tm
- udapl
- elan (***)
- sctp
- blcr (***)
- libnuma
- valgrind
===> I could not easily test the (***) environments

When: For OMPI v1.4 (could be convinced to make it for v1.3.1)

Timeout: COB Thursday, Jan 29, 2009


The intent for OMPI v1.3's new OMPI_CHECK_WITHDIR m4 macro was to fix
a case where a user was doing the following:

   ./configure --with-openib=/path/to/nonexistent/OFED/installation

...but configure succeeded anyway because the sysadmins had installed
OFED into /usr. Hence, the user was getting something unexpected.

OMPI_CHECK_WITHDIR does a very basic sanity check on directories
provided by --with-<foo>=DIR configure options. Specifically, it
checks if the directory exists and if a token file exists in that
directory (specifically, it calls "ls <token_file>", so wildcards are
acceptable). If either of those tests fail, configure aborts with an
appropriate error message. This macro was used in the openib BTL
configure stuff, but we didn't add it anywhere else. I'm now adding
it everywhere we have a --with-<foo>=DIR, which are in various .m4
files in the environments described above.

Here's the hg where I added OMPI_CHECK_WITHDIR to all the environments
listed above, but was unable to test the (***) environments:

We could bring this patch to v1.3.1 or we could wait until v1.4. I
don't really care either way.

I plan to bring this work into the trunk next Thursday COB; it would
be great if those who have the (*) environments could pull down the hg
tree before then and give it a whirl so we can fix any problems

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems