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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] FLOSS Weekly and comment about Mercurial
From: Paul Franz (theandromedan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-01-12 23:40:59

I will see what I can do. BTW, what kind of integration are you looking
for? Do you just want the changeset to be logged in the Trac bug via a
hook that looks at the comment for the appropriate bug number? Or
something different?

Paul Franz

Jeff Squyres wrote:
> Greetings Paul. Since I was the one who made the comment, I'll be the
> one to explain it. :-)
> The tool in particular that we were looking for is integration with
> Trac ( We use Trac for all of our bug
> tracking, and we have a bunch of wiki pages on it as well. When last
> we looked (several months ago -- which admittedly may be a little out
> of date now; see below), the Trac+hg integration was a bit weak.
> IIRC, Mercurial was still v0.9.something, too (although it's well past
> v1.0 now). I have a dim recollection of asking about Trac+hg on the
> mercurial mailing list at the time (I'm not 100% sure I did, but I
> *think I did...?). But regardless of whether I did or not, I remember
> that we were definitely under the impression that Trac+hg integration
> would be up to us; we unfortunately didn't (and still don't) have the
> time/resources to do it. :-( So we adopted a wait-n-see attitude.
> We then definitively shelved the "let's change repository technology"
> discussion until after Open MPI v1.3.0 was released. Unfortunately,
> releasing OMPI v1.3 took a *lot* longer than we expected. :-( If
> Murphy doesn't rear his head, we'll release v1.3.0 next week. I think
> this then opens the door to the discussion of switching repository
> technologies again.
> That being said, even if the developer community decides "yes, let's
> move to Mercurial", it'll probably take us a little while to do so --
> there's infrastructure changes at Indiana University that would need
> to occur (our hosting provider), web pages to update, automated
> scripts to update, etc. I'm definitely in the "let's switch" camp,
> but we'll need some careful planning and execution to make it happen.
> FWIW, we do maintain an official Mercurial mirror of the Open MPI SVN
> repository, and several of us use Mercurial for short- and long-term
> development branches (merging back to the SVN trunk when done). See
> here:
> And here:
> So to be honest, I haven't done my homework to see if Trac+hg
> integration is a solved issue these days. If it is, it makes our
> discussions easier. :-) If not, that might be somewhere that we need
> some help.
> On Jan 11, 2009, at 4:57 PM, Paul Franz wrote:
>> I was listening to FLOSS Weekly and I heard it commented the Open MPI
>> development team was "waiting for a few more tools to get a little
>> more mature" before moving completely over to Mercurial. Does anybody
>> enumerate what is meant by that comment? Is there anything that the
>> Mercurial community do to help?