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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] RFC: libopen-rte --> libompi-rte
From: Terry Dontje (Terry.Dontje_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-11-07 06:38:42

I do not see the real value in doing this name change. The name "OMPI
Run Time Environment" and are not that far from each
other. Changing a bunch of's at this point in the game for
what I consider a minor cosmetic difference just makes little sense to me.

On the technical side what I hate about this is Sun is about to release
its second distribution base on 1.3. If the below change goes through
this guarrantees that the next CT release will be incompatible with
CT8.1. Now we can go through the discussion of whether such a
compatibility will exist aside from this change but it would be nice to
try and stabilize the items we have.

I have very little confidence that if we change the library name to that at the end of 1.4 we decide it should be named
something else. I also wonder if we do change the rte library if we
should also change the name of

Anyways, Sun votes no on this rfe.


Jeff Squyres wrote:
> WHAT: Rename libopen-rte to be libompi-rte (and probably other
> supporting text)
> WHY: ORTE is really quite specific to OMPI. We decided long ago that
> ORTE would not split off from OMPI, and it has been specifically
> tailored for OMPI. Indeed, Ralph has recently been expanding "ORTE"
> to "OMPI Run Time Environment". So let's name the library what it
> really is.
> WHERE: See attached patch; basically, a bunch of's
> WHEN: Before v1.3
> TIMEOUT: Teleconference, Tues 11 Nov 2008
> --------------
> The change is fairly minor, and 98% of OMPI users won't notice. Only
> those who are not using wrapper compilers properly will notice the
> change (and they should be using the wrapper compilers; we strongly
> recommended that everyone either directly use the wrapper compilers to
> compile/link their apps, or use the wrappers to get the required flags
> [including library names] to compile/link their apps).
> I don't know if Sun has any policies about library name changes
> between versions, or if it'll create problems since CT8 has already
> been released. As a history note, we changed this library name in v1.2
> from "liborte" to "libopen-rte". This would be another change.
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