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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Should visibility and memchecker abort configure?
From: Aurélien Bouteiller (bouteill_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-10-03 03:59:58

Hi Ralph,

1. No. Having visibility turned off without knowing it is the best way
for us to commit bugs in the trunk without noticing, I mean before
somebody else get the leg caught in the "not-compiling-trunk trap". I
had more of my share of responsibility for that kind of problems in
the past, that exactly rooted in visibility issues. I must say that it
is painful enough that some compilers will just silently ignore
visibility settings without adding the configure to the chain of guys
who just do whatever they want regardless of the requested flags. If I
can't have visibility, I want to know. Especially in debug mode.

2. If Valgrind is not available and this feature requires valgrind, it
is reasonable to disable it. Anyway, this would not lead to include
silent bugs in the trunk if it gets disabled "silently". (are you sure
though ? I used to enable this on my mac, where there is of course no
valid valgrind installed, and it compiled just fine).


Le 2 oct. 08 à 18:04, Ralph Castain a écrit :

> Hi folks
> I make heavy use of platform files to provide OMPI support for the
> three NNSA labs. This means supporting multiple compilers, several
> different hardware and software configs, debug vs optimized, etc.
> Recently, I have encountered a problem that is making life
> difficult. The problem revolves around two configure options that
> apply to debug builds:
> 1. --enable-visibility. Frustrating as it may be, some compilers
> just don't support visibility - and others only support it for
> versions above a specific level. Currently, this option will abort
> the configure procedure if the compiler does not support visibility.
> 2. --enable-memchecker. This framework has a component that requires
> valgrind 3.2 or above. Unfortunately, if a valgrind meeting that
> criteria is not found, this option will also abort the configure
> procedure.
> Is it truly -necessary- for these options to abort configure in
> these conditions? Would it be acceptable for:
> * visibility just to print a big warning, surrounded by asterisks,
> that the selected compiler does not support visibility - but allow
> the build to continue?
> * memchecker to also print a big warning, surrounded by asterisks,
> explaining the valgrind requirement and turn "off" the build of the
> memchecker/valgrind component - but allow the build to continue? It
> would seem to me that we would certainly want this for the future
> anyway as additional memchecker components are supported.
> If this would be acceptable, I am happy to help with or implement
> the changes. It would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Ralph
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