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Subject: [OMPI devel] Platform files
From: Ralph Castain (rhc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-27 08:59:47

For those of you who do not use and/or are not interested in the
platform file configuration system, please ignore this message.

Jeff and I have made an extension to the platform file support that
might prove of interest to those of you who utilize platform files. It
seemed to me that the configuration for a platform frequently also
implied a specific default mca param configuration as well. However,
the prior implementation only allowed you to specify a configuration
file for your platform - you had to then manually edit the default mca
param file to get the behavior you wanted.

Our extension allows the platform file system to pickup and install an
associated default mca param file. The rules for finding the file are
pretty simple. Assuming your platform file is called "foo", we look in
the same directory as foo for the following file (in order of

1. foo.conf

2. openmpi-mca-param.conf

The first of these to be detected is declared your platform default
mca param file and is used in place of the blank openmpi-mca-
param.conf file we normally supply. If we don't find either of those,
we will still install the old blank one.

Note one difference in behavior. A platform default mca param file
will overwrite any pre-existing default mca param file when you do a
"make install". This was done to allow for updates to the platform
file to be installed, and was done under the assumption that the
platform file is the "gold standard". If no platform mca param file is
found, the blank default file will -not- overwrite any pre-existing
file, thus continuing the current behavior in that scenario.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.