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Subject: [OMPI devel] MCA base changes
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-07-28 09:58:06

With the update on #1400, I think we're ready to push the MCA base
changes to the SVN trunk. Speak now if you object, or forever hold
your peace. The most notable parts of this commit:

- add "register" function to mca_base_component_t
   - converted coll:basic and paffinity:linux and paffinity:solaris to
use this function
   --> we'll convert the rest over time (I'll file a ticket once all
this is committed)

- add 32 bytes of "reserved" space to the end of mca_base_component_t
and mca_base_component_data_2_0_0_t to make future upgrades [slightly]
   - new mca_base_component_t size: 196 bytes
   - new mca_base_component_data_2_0_0_t size: 36 bytes

- MCA base version bumped to v2.0
   - **We now refuse to load components that are not MCA v2.0.x**

- all MCA frameworks versions bumped to v2.0

- be a little more explicit about version numbers in the MCA base
   - add big comment in mca.h about versioning philosophy

It's a pretty big commit because it touches a lot of files (although
most are just changing the version number); I'll commit it this evening.

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems