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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] v1.3 RM: need a ruling
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-07-10 14:00:11

K, will do. Note that it turns out that we did not yet solve the
mpi_paffinity_alone issue, but we're working on it. I'm working on
the IOF issue ATM; will return to mpi_paffinity_alone in a bit...

On Jul 10, 2008, at 1:56 PM, George Bosilca wrote:

> I'm 100% with Brad on this. Please go ahead and include this feature
> in the 1.3.
> george.
> On Jul 10, 2008, at 11:33 AM, Brad Benton wrote:
>> I think this is very reasonable to go ahead and include for 1.3. I
>> find that preferable to a 1.3-specific "wonky" workaround. Plus,
>> this sounds like something that is very good to have in general.
>> --brad
>> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 8:49 PM, Jeff Squyres <jsquyres_at_[hidden]>
>> wrote:
>> v1.3 RMs: Due to some recent work, the MCA parameter
>> mpi_paffinity_alone disappeared -- it was moved and renamed to be
>> opal_paffinity_alone. This is Bad because we have a lot of
>> historical precent based on the MCA param name
>> "mpi_paffinity_alone" (FAQ, PPT presentations, e-mails on public
>> lists, etc.). So it needed to be restored for v1.3. I just
>> noticed that I hadn't opened a ticket on this -- sorry -- I opened
>> #1383 tonight.
>> For a variety of reasons described in the commit message r1383,
>> Lenny and I first decided that it would be best to fix this problem
>> by the functionality committed in r18770 (have the ability to find
>> out where an MCA parameter was set). This would allow us to
>> register two MCA params: mpi_paffinity_alone and
>> opal_paffinity_alone, and generally do the Right Thing (because we
>> could then tell if a user had set a value or whether it was a
>> default MCA param value). This functionality will also be useful
>> in the openib BTL, where there is a blend of MCA parameters and INI
>> file parameters.
>> However, after doing that, it seemed like only a few more steps to
>> implement an overall better solution: implement "synonyms" for MCA
>> parameters. I.e., register the name "mpi_paffinity_alone" as a
>> synonym for opal_paffinity_alone. Along the way, it was trivial to
>> add a "deprecated" flag for MCA parameters that we no longer want
>> to use anymore (this deprecated flag is also useful in the OB1 PML
>> and openib BTL).
>> So to fix a problem that needed to be fixed for v1.3 (restore the
>> MCA parameter "mpi_paffinity_alone"), I ended up implementing new
>> functionality.
>> Can this go into v1.3, or do we need to implement some kind of
>> alternate fix? (I admit to not having thought through what it
>> would take to fix without the new MCA parameter functionality -- it
>> might be kinda wonky)
>> --
>> Jeff Squyres
>> Cisco Systems
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