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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] RFC: make mpi_leave_pinned=1 the default
From: Brian W. Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-07-03 11:02:14

As long as we don't go back to libptmalloc2 linked into libmpi, I don't
have strong objections.


On Thu, 3 Jul 2008, Jeff Squyres wrote:

> WHAT: make mpi_leave_pinned=1 by default when a BTL is used that would
> benefit from it (when possible; 0 when not, obviously)
> WHY: Several reasons:
> - we continually get beat up because of "lower performance" on benchmarks by
> default (I get beat up, at least ;-) )
> - ptmalloc is no longer compiled in user apps by default, but mallopt may be
> available
> - ptmalloc has been linked in on many platforms by default for a long time
> - our ptmalloc settings were such that memory was rarely returned to the OS
> -- quite similar to mallopt
> - very few people have complained about the above policy
> - therefore, it may be ok to mallopt by default if there is a device in the
> run that would benefit from it
> WHERE: openib BTL, MPI runtime directory
> WHEN: before v1.3 ships
> TIMEOUT: Fri, July 11, 2008
> ----------------------
> I'm assuming that this topic will generate a fair amount of conversation.
> :-)
> I'm basically getting tired of people complaining that OMPI has lower default
> benchmark performance on OpenFabrics networks. I don't mind explaining the
> mpi_leave_pinned flag; what I do mind is that customers and users who refuse
> to use it (which is at least sort of understandable). I also mind that other
> MPI implementations (sometimes knowingly) compare Open MPI without
> leave_pinned to their implementations with leave_pinned. Explaining it after
> the fact is never quite as compelling when there is a big poster on a show
> floor showing MPI XYZ with great ping pong performance and OMPI with lousy
> ping pong performance.
> Note that:
> - OMPI is the only MPI that doesn't do the "leave pinned" trick by default on
> OpenFabrics networks
> - I know that pingpong benchmarks are meaningless. Customers and users don't
> care. We cannot move this mountain.
> - I know that leave_pinned is frequently meaningless to real apps (although
> Torsten likes to argue otherwise -- and he's got at least some real-world
> data points that show otherwise :-) ).
> - I know that it's only OpenFabrics networks that require this setting and
> that many people think OpenFabrics is broken because of this. Let's leave
> such religious arguments at the door; I'm not happy we have to do it either,
> but that's not the issue here.
> So my proposal is to enable mpi_leave_pinned by default:
> - if there's a BTL in the app that would benefit (i.e., openib). This would
> likely entail adding some clever callback from the openib BTL init, or
> somesuch (I have not thought this through yet).
> - mallopt or ptmalloc is available
> Comments?