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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Communication between entities
From: Leonardo Fialho (lfialho_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-05-29 10:04:59


I want to implement a receiver based message log (called RADIC
architecture) that stores the log file in another node (than no stable
storage is necessary).

I developed a wrapper to PML that manage the messages and then store it
locally (or in a stable storage), but now I need to migrate this "log
file" to other node. Only PML need this file (to generate and recovery
after a fail) but ORTE daemon store and manage the files to launch then
when one node dies.

In this approach ORTE daemon are treated like application "protectors",
and the application are the "protected".


Ralph H Castain escribió:
> There is no way to send a message to a daemon located on another node
> without relaying it through the local daemon. The application procs have no
> knowledge of the contact info for any daemon other than their own, so even
> using the direct routed module would not work.
> Can you provide some reason why the normal relay is unacceptable? And why
> the PML would want to communicate with a daemon, which, after all, is -not-
> an MPI process and has no idea what a PML is?
> On 5/29/08 7:41 AM, "Leonardo Fialho" <lfialho_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> If, inside a PML component I need to send a message to the ORTE daemon
>> located in other node, how can I do it?
>> It´s safe to create a thread to manage this communication independently
>> or Open MPI have any service to do it (like RML in ORTE environment)?
>> I saw a socket connection between the application and the local ORTE
>> daemon, but I don´t want to send the message to local ORTE daemon an
>> then it send the same message to que remote ORTE daemon...
>> Thanks,
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