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Subject: [OMPI devel] [RFC] mca_base_select()
From: Josh Hursey (jjhursey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-04-29 18:35:41

What: Add mca_base_select() and adjust frameworks & components to use
Why: Consolidation of code for general goodness.
When: Code ready now. Documentation ready soon.
Timeout: May 6, 2008 (After teleconf) [1 week]

For a number of years a few developers have been talking about
creating a MCA base component selection function. For various reasons
this was never implemented. Recently I decided to give it a try.

A base select function will allow Open MPI to provide completely
consistent selection behavior for many of its frameworks (18 of 31 to
be exact at the moment). The primary goal of this work is to improving
code maintainability through code reuse. Other benefits also result
such as a slightly smaller memory footprint.

The mca_base_select() function represented the most commonly used
logic for component selection: Select the one component with the
highest priority and close all of the not selected components. This
function can be found at the path below in the branch:

To support this I had to formalize a query() function in the
mca_base_component_t of the form:
   int mca_base_query_component_fn(mca_base_module_t **module, int

This function is specified after the open and close component
functions in this structure as to allow compatibility with frameworks
that do not use the base selection logic. Frameworks that do *not* use
this function are *not* effected by this commit. However, every
component in the frameworks that use the mca_base_select function must
adjust their component query function to fit that specified above.

18 frameworks in Open MPI have been changed. I have updated all of the
components in the 18 frameworks available in the trunk on my branch.
The effected frameworks are:
  - OPAL Carto
  - OPAL crs
  - OPAL maffinity
  - OPAL memchecker
  - OPAL paffinity
  - ORTE errmgr
  - ORTE ess
  - ORTE Filem
  - ORTE grpcomm
  - ORTE odls
  - ORTE pml
  - ORTE ras
  - ORTE rmaps
  - ORTE routed
  - ORTE snapc
  - OMPI crcp
  - OMPI dpm
  - OMPI pubsub

There was a question of the memory footprint change as a result of
this commit. I used 'pmap' to determine process memory footprint of a
hello world MPI program. Static and Shared build numbers are below
along with variations on launching locally and to a single node
allocated by SLURM. All of this was on Indiana University's Odin
machine. We compare against the trunk (r18276) representing the last
SVN sync point of the branch.

    Process(shared)| Trunk | Branch | Diff (Improvement)
    mpirun (orted) | 39976K | 36828K | 3148K
    hello (0) | 229288K | 229268K | 20K
    hello (1) | 229288K | 229268K | 20K
    mpirun | 40032K | 37924K | 2108K
    orted | 34720K | 34660K | 60K
    hello (0) | 228404K | 228384K | 20K
    hello (1) | 228404K | 228384K | 20K

    Process(static)| Trunk | Branch | Diff (Improvement)
    mpirun (orted) | 21384K | 21372K | 12K
    hello (0) | 194000K | 193980K | 20K
    hello (1) | 194000K | 193980K | 20K
    mpirun | 21384K | 21372K | 12K
    orted | 21208K | 21196K | 12K
    hello (0) | 193116K | 193096K | 20K
    hello (1) | 193116K | 193096K | 20K

As you can see there are some small memory footprint improvements on
my branch that result from this work. The size of the Open MPI project
shrinks a bit as well. This commit cuts between 3,500 and 2,000 lines
of code (depending on how you count) so about a ~1% code shrink.

The branch is stable in all of the testing I have done, but there are
some platforms on which I cannot test. So please give this branch a
try and let me know if you find any problems.