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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] [PATCH] openib btl: extensable cpc selection enablement
From: Pavel Shamis (Pasha) (pasha_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-10 04:17:48

Jon Mason wrote:
> The new cpc selection framework is now in place. The patch below allows
> for dynamic selection of cpc methods based on what is available. It
> also allows for inclusion/exclusions of methods. It even futher allows
> for modifying the priorities of certain cpc methods to better determine
> the optimal cpc method.
> This patch also contains XRC compile time disablement (per Jeff's
> patch).
Need make sure that CM stuff will be disabled during compile tine if it
is not installed on machine.
> At a high level, the cpc selections works by walking through each cpc
> and allowing it to test to see if it is permissable to run on this
> mpirun. It returns a priority if it is permissable or a -1 if not. All
> of the cpc names and priorities are rolled into a string. This string
> is then encapsulated in a message and passed around all the ompi
> processes. Once received and unpacked, the list received is compared
> to a local copy of the list. The connection method is chosen by
> comparing the lists passed around to all nodes via modex with the list
> generated locally. Any non-negative number is a potentially valid
> connection method. The method below of determining the optimal
> connection method is to take the cross-section of the two lists. The
> highest single value (and the other side being non-negative) is selected
> as the cpc method.
> Please test it out. The tree can be found at
> This patch has been tested with IB and iWARP adapters on a 2 node system
> (with it correctly choosing to use oob and happily ignoring iWARP
> adapters). It needs XRC testing and testing of larger node systems.
Did you run MTT over all thess changes ?
I have few machines with connectX and i will try to run MTT on Sunday.

Pavel Shamis (Pasha)
Mellanox Technologies