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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Using MTT to test the newly added SCTP BTL
From: Karol Mroz (kmroz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-12-05 13:42:43


Karol Mroz wrote:

> Removal of .ompi_ignore should not create build problems for anyone who
> is running without some form of SCTP support. To test this claim, we
> built Open MPI with .ompi_ignore removed and no SCTP support on both an
> ubuntu linux and an OSX machine. Both builds succeeded without any problem.

In light of the above, are there any objections to us removing the
.ompi_ignore file from the SCTP BTL code?

I tried to work around this problem by using a pre-installed version of
Open MPI to run MTT tests on (ibm tests initially) but all I get is a
short summary from MTT that things succeeded, instead of a detailed list
of specific test successes/failures as is shown when using a nightly
tarball. The 'tests' also complete much faster which sparks some concern
as to whether they were actually run. Furthermore, MTT puts the source
into a new 'random' directory prior to building (way around this?), so I
can't add the SCTP directory by hand, and then run the
build/installation phase. Adding the code on the fly during the
installation phase also does not work.

Any advice in this matter?

Thanks again everyone.

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Karol Mroz