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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-31 08:29:59

I haven't done any work in the cm pml so I can't definitively answer
your question, but wouldn't you set req_status.MPI_ERROR in your MTL
depending on the result of the request?

On Oct 29, 2007, at 9:20 AM, Sajjad Tabib wrote:

> Hi,
> I was issuing an MPI_Bcast in a sample program and was hitting an
> unknown error; at least that was what MPI was telling me. I traced
> through the code to find my error and came upon
> MCA_PML_CM_REQUEST_INIT_COMMON macro function in pml_cm_sendreq.h.
> I looked at the function and noticed that in this function the
> elements of req_status were getting initialized; however,
> req_status.MPI_ERROR was not. I thought that maybe MPI_ERROR must
> also require initialization because if the value of MPI_ERROR was
> some arbitrary value not equal to MPI_SUCCESS then my program will
> definitely die. Unless, MPI_ERROR is propragating from upper layers
> to signify an error, but I wasn't sure. Anyway, I assumed that
> MPI_ERROR was not propagating from upper layers, so then I set
> req_status.MPI_ERROR to MPI_SUCCUSS and reran my test program. My
> program worked. Now, having gotten my program to work, I thought I
> should run this by you to make sure that MPI_ERROR was not
> propagating from upper layers. Is it ok that I did a:
> "(req_send)->req_base.req_ompi.req_status.MPI_ERROR = MPI_SUCCESS;"
> Thank You,
> Sajjad Tabib
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Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems