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From: Richard Graham (rlgraham_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-27 15:21:22

  Would it be better to put this parameter in the system configuration file,
rather than change the compile time option ?


On 8/27/07 3:10 PM, "Rolf vandeVaart" <Rolf.Vandevaart_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> We are running into a problem when running on one of our larger SMPs
> using the latest Open MPI v1.2 branch. We are trying to run a job
> with np=128 within a single node. We are seeing the following error:
> "SM failed to send message due to shortage of shared memory."
> We then increased the allowable maximum size of the shared segment to
> 2Gigabytes-1 which is the maximum allowed on 32-bit application. We
> used the mca parameter to increase it as shown here.
> -mca mpool_sm_max_size 2147483647
> This allowed the program to run to completion. Therefore, we would
> like to increase the default maximum from 512Mbytes to 2G-1 Gigabytes.
> Does anyone have an objection to this change? Soon we are going to
> have larger CPU counts and would like to increase the odds that things
> work "out of the box" on these large SMPs.
> On a side note, I did a quick comparison of the shared memory needs of
> the old Sun ClusterTools to Open MPI and came up with this table.
> Open MPI
> np Sun ClusterTools 6 current suggested
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> 2 20M 128M 128M
> 4 20M 128M 128M
> 8 22M 256M 256M
> 16 27M 512M 512M
> 32 48M 512M 1G
> 64 133M 512M 2G-1
> 128 476M 512M 2G-1
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