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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-10 09:47:55

On Aug 10, 2007, at 5:54 AM, Andreas Knüpfer wrote:

> Finally, VampirTrace is usable from within OpenMPI. From the
> tmp/vt-integration/ repository you can get an extended OMPI version:

Thanks for doing this. Although I promised to help, I've had zero
time to do so recently. :-(

> #> svn co
> #> cd vt-integration
> #> ./
> #> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/openmpi_with_vampirtrace/
> #> make
> #> make install
> Then you should be able to compile a small MPI example with 'mpicc'
> and run it
> with 'mpirun'. Now simply change 'mpicc' to 'mpicc-vt'. The run
> command is
> still the default 'mpirun'. If you run the new executable again
> you'll find
> an 'a.otf' file plus 'a.0.def' plus some 'a.*.events' files. Some
> files may
> have a '.z' suffix which is optional (additional zlib compression).


> There are a few issues left however.
> - we need to add a ''---disable-vampirtrace" configure parameter
> - So far, the configure option '--platform=optimized' makes
> vampirtrace use
> the same very strict compiler warnings as openmpi. thus, it will
> stop with an
> error because of "-Werror'.
> we'll check this but so far without '--platform=optimized'
> everything is fine.
> - Sometimes vampirtrace detects another installed MPI lib and wants
> to link it
> which results in linker errors when building your mpi app. This is
> because
> vampirtrace is configured and build before mpi is ready, which is
> unusual.
> this is another thing for us to fix.
> - 'make dist' seems to work fine including all necessary
> vampirtrace files.
> maybe this needs to be tested, however
> - updating the included vampirtrace version should be as simple as
> extracting
> a new tarball in the subdir 'tracing'. we could even check + fetch
> the
> latest tarball via wget when one does 'make update-vampirtrace in
> subdir 'tracing'. what's your opinion?

It might be easier to just allow compiling / linking against a VT
that is outside of the OMPI tree.

> - we need an new configure option which simply passes special optionto
> vampirtrace's configure script

We'll probably also want to put VT into the /vendor branch (per

> So much for the most important issues. If you're interested please
> try it and
> send us your results. @Jeff, can we give read access to the
> tmp/vt-integration/ subtree of SVN?

I think I set the SVN privs right; the public should now be able to
read this directory.

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems