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From: Andreas Knüpfer (andreas.knuepfer_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-10 08:54:08

Finally, VampirTrace is usable from within OpenMPI. From the
tmp/vt-integration/ repository you can get an extended OMPI version:

#> svn co
#> cd vt-integration
#> ./
#> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/openmpi_with_vampirtrace/
#> make
#> make install

Then you should be able to compile a small MPI example with 'mpicc' and run it
with 'mpirun'. Now simply change 'mpicc' to 'mpicc-vt'. The run command is
still the default 'mpirun'. If you run the new executable again you'll find
an 'a.otf' file plus 'a.0.def' plus some 'a.*.events' files. Some files may
have a '.z' suffix which is optional (additional zlib compression).

There are a few issues left however.

- we need to add a ''---disable-vampirtrace" configure parameter

- So far, the configure option '--platform=optimized' makes vampirtrace use
the same very strict compiler warnings as openmpi. thus, it will stop with an
error because of "-Werror'.
we'll check this but so far without '--platform=optimized' everything is fine.

- Sometimes vampirtrace detects another installed MPI lib and wants to link it
which results in linker errors when building your mpi app. This is because
vampirtrace is configured and build before mpi is ready, which is unusual.
this is another thing for us to fix.

- 'make dist' seems to work fine including all necessary vampirtrace files.
maybe this needs to be tested, however

- updating the included vampirtrace version should be as simple as extracting
a new tarball in the subdir 'tracing'. we could even check + fetch the
latest tarball via wget when one does 'make update-vampirtrace in
subdir 'tracing'. what's your opinion?

- we need an new configure option which simply passes special optionto
vampirtrace's configure script

So much for the most important issues. If you're interested please try it and
send us your results. @Jeff, can we give read access to the
tmp/vt-integration/ subtree of SVN?

best regards, andreas

ps: I'll be out of office for next three weeks but Matthias
<matthias.jurenz_at_[hidden]> will respond (at least for a part of this

Dipl. Math. Andreas Knuepfer, 
Center for Information Services and 
High Performance Computing (ZIH), TU Dresden, 
Willersbau A114, Zellescher Weg 12, 01062 Dresden
phone +49-351-463-38323, fax +49-351-463-37773

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