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From: Manuel Prinz (debian_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-17 09:34:19

Hi Terry,

Am Dienstag, den 17.07.2007, 08:54 -0400 schrieb Terry D. Dontje:
> This announcement is to request links to Binary Distributions of Open
> MPI that our community may have on the web for users to download. [...]
> What we need is the following:

I'm member of a group that maintains OpenMPI in Debian[1]. The situation
is like this:

> 1. What OMPI release the distribution is based off of (v1.2...)

The current stable distribution (Debian Etch) ships with OMPI 1.1. It
has serveral known bugs and is that old due to inactivity of the former
maintainer before the release of Etch.

The version in "unstable" is 1.2.3, and we expect it to move it to
"testing" soon. You can see the status on

6 packages are build from the source. Users can simply do "apt-get
install openmpi-bin" to install it.

> 2. The content description/name of your distribution

Debian GNU/Linux. We're also working on getting it into Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD. You can use "Debian" for short.

> 3. The link to your distribution(s)

* Debian:
* Debian OpenMPI packages:
* Debian Etch:

> 4. The date the distribution was released.

Debian Etch (Debian GNU/Linux 4.1) was released April 8th, 2007.

Best regards