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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-09 10:03:17

On Jul 9, 2007, at 9:58 AM, Don Kerr wrote:

>> You want a warning to show when:
>> 1. the udapl btl is used
>> 2. --enable-debug was not configured
>> 3. the user specifies btl_*_verbose (or btl_*_debug) >= some_value
>> Is that right? If so, is the intent to warn that somen checks are
>> not being performed that one would otherwise assume are being
>> performed (because of #3)?
> #1 and #2 is just to convey the environment I expect the user to be
> running in, not the error case. Interpretation of #3 is a little
> askew.
> uDAPL gets its HCA information from /etc/dat.conf. This file has an
> entry for each HCA, even those that are potentially not "UP". Also it
> appears the OFED stack includes by default an entry for "OpenIB-bond"
> which I have not figured out what it is yet. In anycase uDAPL has
> trouble distinguishing if an HCA is down intentionally or if is down
> because something is wrong. So the uDAPL BTL attempts to open all
> of the
> entries in this file.

You might want to ping the OFA general mailing list or the DAT
mailing lists with these kinds of questions...?

> And the issues becomes how much information to
> toss back to the user. If a node has two IB interfaces but only one is
> up, do they want see a warning message about one of the interfaces
> being
> down when they already know this by looking at "ifconfig"? I think
> not.
> But this could be valueable information if there is a real problem.

True. FWIW, in the openib btl, we only use HCA ports that are active
(i.e., have a link signal and have been recognized/allowed on the
network by the SM); we silently ignore those that are not active. We
do not currently have a diagnostic that shows which ports are ignored
because they are not active, IIRC.

> Since its just one message at this point I think I will go with the
> base
> output_id and if I need more I will look to create a component
> specific
> id. Thanks Jeff.

FWIW, we always treat the opal_output_verbose output as optional
output. If there's something that you definitely want to toss back
to the user, use opal_show_help.

> I expect to pursue this in order to find a better way to distinguish
> between an interface that is up or down but I don't have a solution at
> the moment.
> -DON
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Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems