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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-04 02:49:05

(moving discussion to public devel list)

Thanks Andreas!

I talked through a bunch of details with Brian a bit about VT
integration on the phone yesterday; here's what we came up with:

- Let's bring the code in via the normal SVN 3rd party methods
( and put it in
ompi/tracing/vampirtrace. We can put a "glue" in that
directory (and possibly a configure.m4 for all the configury stuff
that we'll need in the top-level OMPI configure -- details TBD), and
put the actual VT code one level below this. This strategy allows for:

   - Bringing in other tracing tools someday
   - A descriptive directory name so that it's easy to know what's there

- It turns out that "vtcc --showme:*" isn't going to be sufficient
(sorry about that :-( ) because it won't work in cross-compiling
scenarios. So we'll either need a way to get these flags directly
(either easily snarf them out of a file or run a script that will get
them for us) or we'll simply have mpicc-vt call vtcc (a brianstorm
from Brian). Need to experiment with this to know if it'll work, but
it might be the easiest/best way. I'll let you know.

- One thing that I did not think of ahead of time is a good way to
know that VT has decided not to build itself (e.g., its configure
fails). We'll need to ensure that if the VT configure aborts, it
doesn't abort the top-level OMPI configure.

I'll probably have time to start on this next week, but may need some
help from you guys. I'll keep you posted.

On Jul 3, 2007, at 10:59 AM, Andreas Knüpfer wrote:

> Hi Jeff, hi All,
> we discussed the question how the new compiler wrapper can find out
> about
> VampirTrace's additional compiler or linker options. This can be
> done with
> # > vtcc -vt:showme_compile
> # > vtcc -vt:showme_link
> It works the same way for vtcxx, vtf90 etc. if present.
> btw: You can get the latest version of the VampirTrace tarball
> including OTF
> (open trace format) at
> Andreas
> --
> Dipl. Math. Andreas Knuepfer,
> Center for Information Services and
> High Performance Computing (ZIH), TU Dresden,
> Willersbau A114, Zellescher Weg 12, 01062 Dresden
> phone +49-351-463-38323, fax +49-351-463-37773

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems