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From: sadfub_at_[hidden]
Date: 2007-06-22 03:52:21

Hi, Jeff

many thanks for your reply..

> 1. You might want to update your version of Open MPI if possible; the
> v1.1.1 version is quite old. We have added many new bug fixes and
> features since v1.1.1 (including tight SGE integration). There is
> nothing special about the Open MPI that is included in the OFED
> distribution; you can download a new version from the Open MPI web
> site (the current stable version is v1.2.3), configure, compile, and
> install it with your current OFED installation. You should be able
> to configure Open MPI with:

Hmm, I've heard about conflicts with OMPI 1.2.x and OFED 1.1 (sorry no
refference here), and I've got no luck producing a working OMPI
installation ("mpirun --help" runs, and ./IMB-MPI compiles and runs too,
but "mpirun -np 2 node03,node14 IMB-MPI1" doesnt (segmentation
fault))... (beside that, I know that OFED 1.1 is quite old too) So I'm
tested it with OMPI 1.1.5 => same error.

> 2. I know little/nothing about SGE, but I'm assuming that you need to
> have SGE pass the proper memory lock limits to new processes. In an
> interactive login, you showed that the max limit is "8162952" -- you
> might just want to make it unlimited, unless you have a reason for
> limiting it. See

yes I allready read the faq, and even setting them to unlimited has
shown not be working. In the SGE one could specify the limits to
SGE-jobs by e.g. the qmon tool, (configuring queues > select queue >
modify > limits) But there is everything set to infinity. (Beside that,
the job is running with a static machinefile (is this an
"noninteractive" job?)) How could I test ulimits of interactive and
noninteractive jobs?

Thank you for your great help.