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From: chaitali dherange (chaitali.dherange_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-15 13:40:01


  I have downloaded the developer version of source code by downloading a
nightly Subversion snapshot tarball.And have installed the openmpi.

./configure --prefix=/net/hc293/chaitali/openmpi_dev
(lots of output... without errors)
make all install.
(lots of output... without errors)

then I have tried to run the example provided in this version of source
code... the ring_c.c file... I first copied it to my home directory...
now when inside my home directory... i did

set path=($path /net.hc293/chaitali/openmpi_dev/bin)
set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH = ( /net/hc293/chaitali/dev_openmpi/lib )
mpicc -o chaitali_test ring_c.c
(This gave no errors at all)
mpirun --prefix /net/hc293/chaitali/openmpi_dev -np 3 --hostfile
/net/hc293/chaitali/machinefile ./test_chaitali
(This gave foll errors..)
[oolong:09783] *** Process received signal ***
[oolong:09783] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[oolong:09783] Signal code: (128)
[oolong:09783] Failing at address: (nil)
[oolong:09783] [ 0] /lib64/tls/ [0x2a95e01430]
[oolong:09783] [ 1]
[oolong:09783] [ 2]
[oolong:09783] [ 3]
[oolong:09783] [ 4]
[oolong:09783] [ 5] mpirun(orterun+0x155) [0x4029fd]
[oolong:09783] [ 6] mpirun(main+0x1b) [0x4028a3]
[oolong:09783] [ 7] /lib64/tls/
[oolong:09783] [ 8] mpirun [0x4027fa]
[oolong:09783] *** End of error message ***
Segmentation fault

I understand that the [5] and [6] are the actual errors. But dont understand
why? or how to overcome this error?

Please find attached the foll files:
- 'ring_c.c' file which I am trying to run.
- 'config.log' file from the openmpi-1.2.1a0r14362 folder
- 'ompi_info --all.txt' which is the the output of ompi_info --all... This
contains the above mentioned errors.

Thanks and Regards,

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