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From: Brian Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-18 01:11:54

Hi all -

I have four changes I'd like to make to the wrapper compilers (well,
more the build system). I figured I'd make them available for public
comment before I did any of them, as they would change how things got
installed and what the user sees:

1) Only install opal{cc,c++} and orte{cc,c++} if configured with --
with-devel-headers. Right now, they are always installed, but there
are no header files installed for either project, so there's really
not much way for a user to actually compile an OPAL / ORTE application.

2) Drop support for opalCC and orteCC. It's a pain to setup all the
symlinks (indeed, they are currently done wrong for opalCC) and
there's no history like there is for mpiCC. This isn't a big deal,
but would make two Makefiles easier to deal with. And since about
every 3 months, I have to fix the Makefiles after they get borked up
a little bit, it makes my life easier.

3) Change what is currently opalcc.1 (name it something generic,
probably opal_wrapper.1) and add some macros that get sed'ed so that
the man pages appear to be customized for the given command. Josh
and I had talked about this long ago, but time prevented us from
actually doing anything.

4) Install the wrapper data files even if we compiled with --disable-
binaries. This is for the use case of doing multi-lib builds, where
one word size will only have the library built, but we need both set
of wrapper data files to piece together to activate the multi-lib
support in the wrapper compilers.



   Brian Barrett
   Open MPI developer