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From: Lisandro Dalcin (dalcinl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-09 11:41:49

Looking at MPI-2 errata document,, is says:

Page 61, after line 36. Add the following (paralleling the errata to MPI-1.1):

MPI_{COMM,WIN,FILE}_GET_ERRHANDLER behave as if a new error handler
object is created. That is, once the error handler is no longer
needed, MPI_ERRHANDLER_FREE should be called with the error handler
to mark the error handler for deallocation. This provides behavior
similar to that of MPI_COMM_GROUP and MPI_GROUP_FREE.

Well, is seems that OMPI does not currently follow this specification.
Any plans to change this? Or it will not go in?

Additionaly, I've noted that MPI_File_get_errhandler fails with
MPI_ERR_FILE is passed file handle is MPI_FILE_NULL. However, I
undersand (regarding the standard) this is the handle to query to
get/set/reset the default error handler for new files... I think
MPI_File_{get|set}_errhandler should accept MPI_FILE_NULL handle. Am I

Lisandro Dalcín
Centro Internacional de Métodos Computacionales en Ingeniería (CIMEC)
Instituto de Desarrollo Tecnológico para la Industria Química (INTEC)
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