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From: Edgar Gabriel (gabriel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-09-07 16:51:08


sorry for the delay on your request.

There are two things which have to do in order to make a client/server
example work with Open MPI right now (assuming you are using

First, you have to start the orted daemon in a persistent mode, e.g.

orted --persistent --seed --scope public

Second, you can not use right now MPI_Publish_name/MPI_Lookup_name
accross multiple jobs, this is unfortunatly a known bug. (Name
publishing works within the same job however). So what you would have to
do is pass the port-information of the MPI_Comm_accept call somehow to
the other process (e.g. printing it using a printf statement in the
server application and pass it as an input argument to the client

Hope this helps

Eng. A.A. Isola wrote:
> "It's not possible to connect!!!!"
> Hi Devel list, crossposting as this
> is getting weird...
> I did a client/server using MPI_Publish_name /
> MPI_Lookup_name
> and it runs fine on both MPICH2 and LAM-MPI but fail
> on Open MPI. It's
> not a simple failure (ie. returning an error code)
> it breaks the
> execution line and quits. The server continue to run
> after the
> client's crash.
> The server also use 100% of CPU while
> running, what doesn't happen with LAM.
> The code is here:
> http://www.
> OpenMP version: 1.1.1
> Compiling:
> mpiCC -o server server.c
> mpiCC -o client client.c
> - or
> -
> mpiCC -o client client.c -DUSE_LOOKUP
> Running & Output: