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From: Ralf Wildenhues (Ralf.Wildenhues_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-09-06 09:05:39


* Open MPI wrote on Wed, Sep 06, 2006 at 01:00:00PM CEST:
> #334: Building with Libtool 2.1a fails to run OpenIB BTL

> Are you testing uninstalled or installed programs/libraries?
> Installed.
> If you are testing an uninstalled program: does libtool generate a shell
> wrapper for it? If yes: post the two shell wrappers generated by 1.5.22
> and HEAD.
> I was testing with a trivial "hello world" MPI application; i.e., one that
> I had compiled with mpicc and was running with "mpirun -np 2 --mca btl
> openib hello". Hence, I was testing against installed trees of Open MPI.
> I took care to "rm -rf" the installation tree before testing each so that
> there would be no kruft left from prior installs.

OK, I can only assume that with 1.5.22, some code links against
libibverbs, or loads it earlier at runtime, so that the symbol is
present. In any case I wonder why isn't linked directly
against libibverbs (maybe useful to suggest that to upstream).

To find out the culprit, here's a couple of quick (well) ways:
  diff build-with-lt1.5/Makefile build-with-lt2.1a/Makefile

and look for differences in library link variables. Otherwise, the
config.log outputs should give clues.

To give you some more hints for possible causes: ompi_info could have a
different set of RPATH entries, or different NEEDED libraries than your
test executable; if any of those cause to be loaded, then
the symbol would be visible already. Maybe your test executables even
have different RPATHs or NEEDED libs (find out with 'objdump -p' and

> I've attached 2 tarballs to the bug (you have to go to the URL of the bug
> to get them; they are not included in the mails):

If there are tarballs available at, then I'm too blind to find
them. Would that be elsewhere?

> * One with all the configure output and the wrapper script for ompi_info.
> Note that ompi_info -- which lt_dlopen()'s the OpenIB BTL -- does not show
> the same problem (i.e., the OpenIB BTL opens properly and ompi_info shows
> its information). This happens with both the uninstalled and installed
> ompi_info.
> * Another with the same for 2.1a.

That would be very helpful.