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From: Jonathan Underwood (jonathan.underwood_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-21 06:46:21

On 19/08/06, Adrian Knoth <adi_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> > Compiling a file with the gcc options -Wall and -pedantic gives the
> > following warning:
> > mpi.h:147: warning: ISO C90 does not support 'long long'
> > Is this intentional, or is this a bug?
> If you do not insist on using C90, you may compile with -std=c99
> to get rid of this message ;)

Heh :)

> I don't have the C90 (ANSI-C) at my fingertips, but I confirm it
> does not support "long long".
> Perhaps we should use int64_t instead.

I think that wouldn't solve the problem (see another post on that from
Ralf Wildenhaus).

I notice that the gcc documentation has this to say:

           The macro "__STRICT_ANSI__" is predefined when the -ansi option is
           used. Some header files may notice this macro and refrain from
           declaring certain functions or defining certain macros that the ISO
           standard doesn't call for; this is to avoid interfering with any
           programs that might use these names for other things.

I wonder if it would be possible to #ifdef away non-C90 conforming
declarations in mpi.h when C90 conformance is requested. I am not sure
if __STRICT_ANSI__ is portable though.
If this is considered to be a worthwhile endeavour, I'm happy to cook
up a patch for it. OTOH, it may not really be worth it.

Best wishes,