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From: Brian Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-15 15:51:33

Hello all -

The release branch for the v1.2 release of Open MPI was created this
afternoon. The branch was created from r11198 of the trunk. A couple
of minor changes have been made to the v1.2 branch that did not go
through the ordinary branch release process:

  * remove btl:ud and pls:xcpu components
  * Remove the orte-ps, orte-clean, and console tools

The removal of the tools was by suggestion of Ralph and Josh, with no
complaints from others. It was also suggested that orteprobe be
removed, but there was fear by Ralph that orteprobe was needed for other
functionality. I did not remove the orteprobe code because of this --
if it isn't needed, then it can always be removed later through the
normal gatekeeper process.

At this point, the v1.2 branch is handed over to the 1.2 release
managers (Terry Dontje and Rich Graham) and gatekeepers (Tim Mattox and
Dan Lacher). Changes that need to be pushed into the v1.2 branch should
have 'changeset move request tickets filed in Trac -- be sure to mark
the milestone as 1.2.

Nightly tarballs from the v1.2 branch will begin appearing tonight.
Remember, there are issues with v1.2 and Libtool 1.5 and certain
compiler combinations: