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From: Brian Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-02 20:35:37

Hi all -

Two large changes to the SVN trunk just occurred which require an on your part. First, we now (mostly) support building the
Fortran 90 MPI bindings library as a shared library. This has been
something Dan and I have been working on since the Burlington meeting,
and it's ready for wider testing. There are some things to pay
attention to with this change:

  1) If your Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 compilers have different names,
     you *MUST* update to libtool 2.0 or disable F90 support.

  2) If your Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 compilers have the same name,
     you can continue using Libtool 1.5.22

  3) On all platforms other than OS X, the f90 support library is built
     as a shared library by default (following the way the other
     libraries are built). OS X always builds a static library due to
     common block issues.

Configure will determine if you are using an older version of libtool
and the Fortran compilers will cause problem. Libtool 2.0 isn't at a
stable release yet, but we need to provide a shared library for the
bindings as part of the 1.2 release, so we'll have to deal with the
pre-releases of Libtool. The nightly tarballs of the SVN trunk have
been created using a pre-release of LT for about the last 2 weeks, so we
don't anticipate any problems with this.

Second, there are now two one-sided communication components. The one
previously known as "pt2pt" has been renamed "rdma" and there is now a
new component "pt2pt". The new "pt2pt" component is entirely (and
somewhat inefficiently) implemented over the PML (two-sided) interface
and was added to support the use of the CM PML / MTLs, which will be
part of the 1.2 release. The "rdma" component will be preferred over
the "pt2pt" component, but will only allow itself to be activated when a
PML using the BML/BTL infrastructure is being used. While the "rdma"
component doesn't use any of the BTL rdma interface at the moment, this
is something I will be changing in the near future. So eventually, the
name will be more fitting than it is right now.

Both of these changes will require a full ; configure ; make
cycle when you next SVN update.