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From: Adrian Knoth (adi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-17 16:05:05


I have a bunch of boxes used to test and compile OMPI (we're talking
about the openmpi-1.1 release).

Two of them are Debian sarge (current stable), two are
Debian testing (i386+amd64) and one is Debian unstable (amd64)

The source is shared via svn, so it's for sure all are using the
same code.

I have the following directory layout:


where ARCH is dynamically determined by the Makefile, trunk/src/ contains
the openmpi-1.1 tarball, trunk/build/ARCH is for building ompi and
trunk/ARCH is the install directory.

Everything is fine on the Debian sarge hosts.

Trouble starts on the Debian testing boxes:

 1. If compiling without my special layout, in other words, just
    untaring, ./configure && make, everything is fine

 2. If compiling inside my directory layout, the build

    a) changes the following two files in trunk/src/

adi_at_ten:~/trunk/src$ svn st
M opal/util/show_help_lex.c
M opal/util/keyval/keyval_lex.c

    b) fails to complete (see attachment), the errors are all
       related to lex.

If I chmod -R -w trunk/src/ and call "make", everything works,
no build error at all.

And now to the Debian unstable (amd64) box: (I'm not root for
this machine, so I cannot guarantee for anything.)

Building without separate builddir works fine, the lex error also
exists, but I cannot circumvent it with chmod:

config.status: executing depfiles commands
config.status: executing pml-direct commands
config.status: creating ompi/mca/pml/pml_direct_call.h
rm: cannot remove `/home/adi/trunk/src/opal/util/keyval/keyval_lex.c': Permission denied
make: *** [/home/adi/trunk/src/opal/util/keyval/keyval_lex.c] Error 1

I'll attach two files:

   i386-testing.log.gz (Debian testing without chmod trick, failing build)
   amd64-unstable.log.gz (Debian unstable with failing chmod trick)

Feel free to ask for more information.


PS: My Makefile sets the following variables to disable autoconf et. al.:

export ACLOCAL=/bin/true
export AMTAR=/bin/true
export AUTOCONF=/bin/true
export AUTOHEADER=/bin/true
export AUTOMAKE=/bin/true
export MAKEINFO=/bin/true

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