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From: Jeff Squyres \(jsquyres\) (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-30 10:49:50

When you update to r10118 (or beyond), you may see the following SVN

svn: Failed to add file 'ompi/include/mpif-common.h': object of the same
name already exists

Short version:

This is harmless -- just "rm ompi/include/mpif-common.h" and "svn up"
again (or do the "rm" before updating).

Longer version:

What is happening is that SVN is saying, "Hey, I'm trying to put in a
new file somewhere, but there's already a file by that name! I don't
know what you want me to do, so I'm going to quit."

This is actually not a problem. As specified above, just remove the
file and "svn up" again.

But why is it happening?

We used to generate a file named mpif-common.h from configure (and
therefore SVN had no knowledge of this file). r10118 introduced a file
in svn named mpif-common.h that is not generated via configure. Hence,
when you update, you may have an old generated version of mpif-common.h
where SVN is trying to put the new mpif-common.h, so SVN takes the
conservative route and says "Help!".

Sorry for any confusion!

Jeff Squyres
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems