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From: Dries Kimpe (Dries.Kimpe_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-08 14:46:49

There are a number of errors in my mail below (probably caused by the
fact that I was in a hurry to leave for dinner ;-)

1) The file is, in mca/io/romio/romio/, not

2) The $ in grep 'pvfs$' was added by me as a temporary hack to
    prevent it from building pvfs along with pvfs2.
  It's not a good solution anyway, because $FILE_SYSTEM contains things
  as "nfs ufs pvfs pvfs2"

Really, the correct fix is just to use $file_system_pvfs,
$file_system_pvfs2, ...


Dries Kimpe wrote:
> Sorry to keep you busy,
> but I found another problem with the Open MPI <-> ROMIO integration:
> mca/io/romio/romio/
> # Open MPI: setup the AM_CONDITIONALs to build the different adio devices
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_GRIDFTP, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep gridftp`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_HFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep hfs`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_NFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep nfs`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_PANFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep panfs`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_PFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep pfs`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_PIOFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep piofs`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_PVFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep pvfs$`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_PVFS2, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep pvfs2`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_SFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep sfs`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_TESTFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep testfs`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_UFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep ufs`"])
> AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_XFS, [test -n "`echo $FILE_SYSTEM | grep xfs`"])
> When the ROMIO's configure finds support for a filesystem, it sets
> file_system_<name> to 1. (This is done by checking support for each of the
> filesystems listed in $FILE_SYSTEM (passed from --with-filesystems))
> In my case, I want PVFS2 so file_system_pvfs2=1 (because configure found
> all the needed headers)
> However, two things are wrong with the AM_CONDITIONAL code:
> 1) FILE_SYSTEM is tested, meaning that if the user demanded pvfs2 but didn't have
> the headers/tools to build it, ROMIO's configure would have set file_system_pvfs2 to 0,
> and the code above would still try to build the PVFS2 AD because it only tests if the name was
> specified.
> 2) If grep pvfs2 matches, grep pvfs also matches... ;-)
> Greetings,
> Dries