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From: Leslie Watter (watter_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-04 11:23:34

Hi All,

Some time ago, I was trying to implement a new BTL to openmpi.

Now it works here, but I need to test it.

Someone (sorry, I've forgot who), told me to use NetPIPE to test the BTL layer.
Ok, I used it, but now I need some parallel applications that uses openmpi.
NetPIPE uses a ping-pong test between 2 machines to evaluate its test.

If anybody could send me an application that uses openmpi,
I can return with the results after its execution.

Why this? I need to compare the execution time just changing the BTL protocol.

Here I have a cluster with 16 machines (Athlon 1.2 128RAM with
100Mbits ethernet and a 1Giga Switch), using openmpi-1.0 stable (with
modifications that include LLC BTL [ I plan to release my code in a
website as soon as I have the results and the analysis done. ].

What kind of application I'm looking for?
- applications that uses TCP btl
- applications that can run in 2,4, 8 and/or 16 machines
- preferably applications that are message passing intensive (optional)

Many Thanks

PS: I want to put the results of execution time in mine master thesis.

Leslie H. Watter