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From: Graziano Giuliani (giuliani_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-30 04:15:44

Ok Brian,

for the build part, attached is my config.log.
About stacktrace, I have with my compile options from gdb:

#0 0xb7d105b9 in orte_pls_rsh_launch ()
   from /home/cluster/openmpi/lib/openmpi/

and recompiling with -g

#0 0xb7ca2599 in orte_pls_rsh_launch (jobid=1) at pls_rsh_module.c:716
716 if (mca_pls_rsh_component.debug) {

which means we have a memory corruption somewhere else...
Investigating from outside on what may cause the problem, I have found that I
can make the job run also changing the hostname in my hostfile.

-) No localhost in hostfile -> run
-) "wowbagger" or "localhost" in hostfile -> run
-) FQDN wowbagger.cluster in hostfile -> SIGSEGV

I have a private network ( with cluster master (local node) as DNS
with bind v9.

# hostname
# host wowbagger
wowbagger.cluster has address
# mpirun --hostfile wrf_openmpi.mac -np 10 -bynode wrf.exe
mpirun noticed that job rank 0 with PID 0 on node "wowbagger.cluster" exited
on signal 11.
[wowbagger:20400] ERROR: A daemon on node wowbagger.cluster failed to start as
[wowbagger:20400] ERROR: There may be more information available from
[wowbagger:20400] ERROR: the remote shell (see above).
[wowbagger:20400] The daemon received a signal 11 (with core).
mpirun: killing job...
9 processes killed (possibly by Open MPI)

Changing wowbagger.cluster with simply wowbagger do the trick. Something in
host name resolution?

Attached is my hostfile.


P.S.: Sorry for the delay, but yesterday here in Florence we had heavy
snowfall !

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