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From: Ralph H. Castain (rhc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-13 16:45:36

No problem with me - seems straightforward and resolves some confusion.

On the orted check for the fork pls, you will find that there is a
flag in the process info structure that indicates "I am a daemon".
You may just need to check that flag - gets set very early and so
should be available in time for this purpose.

At 02:06 PM 12/13/2005, you wrote:
>I'd like to suggest a change for the rsh and fork pls components
>based on some real-world feedback.
>The rsh pls, despite its name, defaults to using "ssh -x" instead of
>For users who do not have ssh in their PATH (e.g., for clusters that
>are walled off from the rest of the net and only have rsh), the rsh
>pls component will disqualify itself during selection and therefore
>the "fork" pls will get selected, which will fail when it tries to
>launch for a variety of reasons (it's only designed to work within
>the orted).
>1. I'd like to change the meaning of the pls_rsh_agent MCA parameter
>to be a colon-delimited list of agents to search for. This is still
>backwards-compatible -- if someone does the following:
> mpirun --mca pla_rsh_agent rsh -np 4 a.out
>That also still works. But we might want to extend the default value
> ssh -x
> ssh -x : rsh
>So that if "ssh" is not found in the $PATH, we'll then try to find
>"rsh" and use that if it's found.
>If the rsh pls cannot find any of the agents in the list, then it
>should disqualify itself from selection.
>2. I'd like to add some kind of check to the fork pls so that it
>never allows itself to be selected outside of the orted. I'm not
>sure what that check would entail (haven't looked at the code yet),
>but we should prevent this situation because we know it will fail
>(and currently produce a cryptic error message for the user).
>I'd like to get both of these in for v1.0.2.
>{+} Jeff Squyres
>{+} The Open MPI Project
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